Customer Zone: get cracking with our manuals


Please hold, all our operators are busy right now... Sometimes the helpline is so hectic that you have to wait a while. With Customer Zone by Orange, you no longer waste precious time. Our manuals mean you can quickly handle many things yourself.

Orange’s Customer Zone is a digital tool that helps you manage your entire mobile fleet. In addition to several obvious functionalities such as monitoring billing and payments, Customer Zone users can also carry out various administrative tasks themselves. So waiting for a helpline employee to become available is a thing of the past.

Get cracking with our manuals

In recent years, Orange’s Customer Zone has undergone a transformation. Processes have become more efficient, and the design is more user-friendly. To further optimise our customers’ user experience, we also provide manuals that guide them through the Customer Zone, step by step.

  • Ordering a device or SIM card
    New employee? Or a new smartphone for one of your staff? You can easily order anything you need in the Customer Zone. You get a detailed overview of all the options, and having your order delivered to the right address is child’s play.
    View the manual

  • Adding a new number to your fleet
    A new team member? By requesting a new number in the Customer Zone and adding it to your fleet, you guarantee your new colleague will be reachable in no time.
    View the manual

  • Activating or deleting additional options
    Is one of your colleagues increasingly working abroad? Or do your employees need more mobile data thanks to a hybrid work schedule? In the Customer Zone, you can add the right options for every telephone number.
    View the manual

  • Replacing your SIM card or switching to e-SIM
    Has a colleague lost their smartphone? Or have you bought a new device with e-SIM? Go to the Customer Zone to request a new SIM card or switch to e-SIM. Then you and your colleagues can always be reached.
    View the manual

  • Suspending a number temporarily
    Is one of your colleagues taking a trip around the world, or maybe one of your numbers is only being used during a specific period? In the Customer Zone you can indicate which number(s) need to be suspended and for how long.
    View the manual

  • Removing a number from your fleet
    Is an employee leaving your company but would like to keep their number? Go to the Customer Zone to remove the number from your fleet. We will then contact your former employee to take care of their new subscription.
    View the manual

Are you an Orange customer but you’re not using the Customer Zone yet? Request access now!

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