How do you make low-cost calls to and from another country?

Calling abroad

You and your employees may need to be reachable, even when travelling abroad regardless of whether you go abroad for work or pleasure. But how much do phone calls from and to another country actually cost? We provide an overview.

Where do roaming charges apply and where don't they? What about your data bundle abroad? Which plan is best in what country? When you travel abroad, sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees, and you need clarity on your phone charges. We summarise here the information you need before you go.


1. You are travelling within the EU

If you are staying in the EU zone, you don't need to worry. The same rates will apply to your outgoing calls as they do in Belgium.  Receiving calls is also free. So within the EU, you don't have to take any action to make calls at a low rate.


2. You are travelling to one of our Best Destinations

Orange has a Best Destinations list of the most popular foreign countries. This list includes: Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Cape Verde, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the United States, South Africa and Switzerland.

If you are travelling to one of these destinations, it is best to choose one of these two plans.

  • Shape Traveller
    This all-in plan gives you unlimited calls, texts and mobile data in Belgium and throughout the EU. It also gives you 3,000 minutes or texts and 3 GB of data at our Best Destinations every month. It is the perfect solution for people who travel abroad often.
  • Traveller or Traveller Pass option
    If you are only staying in one of our Best Destinations for a short time, you can activate the Traveller option for a month or the Traveller Pass for a 40-day period. This gives you 500 minutes or texts and 500 MB of data in the EU and in our Best Destinations on top of your regular plan.


3. You are travelling all over the world

If you are travelling to a destination that is not included in our Best Destinations list, the World Traveller option or World Traveller Pass is right for you. It offers you 120 minutes and texts and 250 MB of data for one month (with the option) or a 40-day period (with the Pass) for worldwide calls, texts and mobile data browsing.


The right practical approach

When you or your employees are planning to travel abroad, use our simulation tool to see what option is the most suitable.

As the fleet manager, you can then easily activate the desired option or pass for each employee in the Customer Zone. If you are using Invoice Split and your employees are paying part of their telephone charges themselves, they can use the Orange app to indicate that they will be travelling and to choose the right option.



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