Working together to stop viruses? Orange has joined the battle


At Orange, we are helping wherever we can during the corona crisis. The care sector most certainly deserves our support.

During the corona-crisis, it’s important that we support each other and work together. ‘In the battle against COVID-19, it goes without saying that we will use all our resources and expertise to help the public sector and our clients,’ says Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium. ‘More than ever, we need to fulfil our responsibilities as a telecom operator.’

Caring for the care sector

‘One sector that most certainly deserves our support is the care sector,’ says Michaël Trabbia.
Orange Belgium has made the support of hospitals a priority. We are helping on the level of materials. With support from Huawei, we have donated masks and safety goggles to various hospitals.

Our expertise at Orange Belgium has also proven valuable. Security specialist Fortinet has seen a spectacular rise in the number of cyberattacks in the past few weeks. With social engineering and phishing, cybercriminals are aiming at employees who are working from home for the first time. With misleading emails and websites, they are attempting to steal login information and sensitive business data.

Hospitals are not being spared by cybercriminals—in fact, they seem to be the favourite victims. To keep our hospitals functioning, Orange Belgium is offering the Mobile Threat Protection solution absolutely free to all Belgian hospitals, with no further obligations. It protects hospital employees’ mobile devices from phishing emails and ransomware attacks.

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