Orange shops upgrade service with Managed LAN


Orange shops have undergone a digital transformation to prepare them for the future. At the heart of this transformation are managed LANs that improve customer service, and IP VPNs that help managers optimise their business.

With 146 Orange shops across Belgium, Orange is one of the country’s leading retailers. This comes with several challenges. "Our shops didn’t have WiFi for the customers. This has become a standard part of customer experience everywhere and not just a nice-to-have," says Joris Moens, previously Sales Director Consumer Market and currently B2B Sales Director at Orange.

"Thanks to this digital transformation, the shops are ready for the future."

"We also lacked remote access to the security cameras and there were occasional operational problems with the network," Moens adds. "That’s why we decided in 2019 to migrate all shops to a future-proof network infrastructure."


Business continuity

Orange migrated all shops to the IP VPN network, which creates a safe internet connection between all shops. "As a result we can now manage all security cameras and the system for access badges for the various shops from a distance", Moens continues. This migration is a fine example of digital transformation in retail.

"Now we have remote access to the security cameras in every shop."

The migration has also substantially improved network reliability. NPM (Network Performance Management) gives Orange constant insight into the performance of the IP VPN network. "At any given time, we can analyse the data flow from our shops and identify potential bottlenecks before they become issues," Moens emphasises.

"If the fixed network connection is ever unavailable, the 4G+ router takes over."

To guarantee business continuity, every shop was also fitted with an extra 4G+ router that serves as a backup: "If the fixed network connection is ever unavailable, the 4G+ router takes over immediately, so the shop is unaffected by the network interruption."


Managed LAN

To give our customers WiFi access, every shop was fitted with managed LAN," Moens explains. "We opted for Cisco Meraki as a managed WiFi solution. For security reasons, the wireless network is completely separate to our internal network. Shop owners can also call up statistics on online customer behaviour in order to help them provide a better service." Moreover, with Cisco’s VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding), specific applications receive priority on the network.

The result? Orange shops are now more productive, the network is safer and customer satisfaction is up. "Thanks to this digital transformation, the shops are ready for the future."


Discover all the possibilities of an IP VPN and a managed LAN in our white paper.

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