Orange contributes to shape 5G and IoT


5G and the Internet of Things will fundamentally change the mobile landscape. Orange takes the lead in their development, in collaboration with the network industry, research centres and universities, both at a Belgian and international level.

5G. The new standard

5G is on its way, that much is certain. The telecommunications landscape will accordingly change fundamentally. 5G is the standard on which all innovative technologies and applications will be based. The entire industry is in full effervescence, from manufacturers to network operators and IT developers. And Orange is taking the lead in the fields of base technology, international standardization and the application development. Orange has therefore a strategic plan with a clear objective: to significantly enhance the user experience of our customers. 5G is certainly much faster than 4G. But 5G is more than that. Much more.


So much faster

5G will be as fast as lightning. Not only will download speed go up dramatically, but the download will start much faster. Essentially, a movie, super heavy files, and other business data will land on your smartphone in an instant. With these speeds, futuristic applications such as virtual reality, “enhanced” reality will actually be within reach and a whole new world will open up for business users. But there's more.


5G and the Internet of Things

Contrary to popular belief, 5G will not completely replace the 4G platform, but supplement it, along with other innovative technologies. This will all converge into a gateway to the Internet of Things, from critical applications like self-driving cars, e-health, remote control of robots or other equipment to very safe, sustainable and energy-saving applications for monitoring public or business processes and systems (smart water meters, pipes, etc.).


What about Orange Belgium?

With support from Orange EU, Orange Belgium is engaged in various 5G and IoT development projects, in cooperation with, among others Imec and several Flemish universities, such as UAntwerp, Hasselt University and VUB. So at Orange, we’re working on the ambitious project of making Antwerp the site of the largest Internet of Things project in Europe. For example, we will test the new Narrowband-IoT technology, which enables communication of small amounts of data in hard-to-reach places. We are also partners in the drone project that will guarantee safety in the port of Antwerp by means of sensors. Orange also works in Wallonia with the government on a mobile future, within the framework of the project "Digital Wallonia”. In preparation for IoT, the Orange group decided this year to roll out LTE-M (a kind of precursor to 5G) on its mobile networks, starting with Belgium and Spain.


If you are interested in IoT applications, you should definitely watch Kanaal Z’s must-see on the advantages of the IoT and its concrete applications, from drones to care assistance and smart cities.

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